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Seawall Contractor Serving Michigan

With over two decades of Sewall construction experience, Morrison Lake Construction has been successful because we provide excellent service, maintain high standards and take pride in a job well done. At Morrison Lake Construction, we start all of our projects with a free consultation. A member of our team will meet with prospective clients to learn more about their desires and goals for the finished project. We will discuss everything from design to budget and collect other essential information pertaining to the project. Within one week of our initial consultation, we will deliver an estimate tailored to the specification discussed at the consultation.

Upon receiving that estimate should someone decide to become a client of Morrison Lake Construction, we start orchestrating deliveries of materials, preparing and filing the required paperwork, and scheduling our timeline for work. Then we go to work! We start the demolition, reconstruction, building, installation, and design. We work diligently to provide a safe and clean work area while trying to work with optimal efficiency. Our experienced team is comprised of individuals who offer a variety of talents; which is why we are able to keep eighty percent of our work in house!

As the project wraps our team meets with our clients and together we discuss the end of their project we discuss finishing the project. We double-check everything and go on one final walk through with our clients to ensure their satisfaction.

We invite you to contact us today for more information or to receive a free estimate at (616) 504-3001!

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